Limo drivers & cell phone distraction

There is a fine line between being a friendly limo driver and giving great customer service and being a distracted limousine driver.  Along with being friendly, it seems like limo drivers are on their cell phones an awful lot as well.

Top Distractions:

• Chatting with passengers: How many times have you been chatting up the limo driver. Everyone is in a great mood and you are chatty and fun.  You want to find out what the hottest places to eat or party.  But, you could be causing a major distraction for your limo driver especially if it is a town car without a privacy window.  Also, try to keep it down. If you are out of control you could be causing your driver to lose focus.

• Using cell phones while driving: Limo drivers spend hours and hours in the car.  They need cell phones for business as well as a way for friends and family to get in touch with them. Make sure that your limo driver has hands-free. If they seem to be driving poorly or you feel like you are in danger.  Ask them to pull over.

• Navigation: You may need to ask your limo driver to plug in the address of where you want to go before he starts driving.  We have all tried to engage our navigation systems while driving. Limo drivers are no different than we are, using GPS and maps are part of driving.