What Happens On Prom Night ….

Lots of things happen on prom night – from getting ready until the after party. Don’t set your expectations too high – you will not want to be disappointed.  But knowing what happens on prom night will help settle those your butterflies in your belly.

You will want to hire a limo about a month in advance.  You will need to shop for your dress or your tuxedo.  Make sure you have an appointment to get your hair, nails and make up done.  Getting ready with your friends (girl or guy) makes it so much more fun! Prom night is a formal occasion and most people will be dressed up for the entire evening.

Girls don’t leave your date waiting.  Be sure you are ready when he comes to pick you up.  Guys – please make sure you have the transportation of her dreams waiting for her as you knock on her door.  A stretch will make an impression for years to come!

Both of you need to make sure you know what your curfew is and make sure the limo driver knows it too. Your parents are going to want to get a lot of pictures and expect you to take a million during and after your event. So, make sure your smart phone’s have enough space for pics and videos.

The dance is where all the fun begins, so be sure to get out there and bust a move. Don’t forget to congratulate the Prom King and Queen.  And if it happens to be you! Congrats!

Next comes the after party!  Check your watch – most after prom parties go until the wee hours of the morning.  You don’t want to end up grounded and miss the next fun event.   Make your curfew!

Be safe and have fun!  You are not 18!  Do not drink and if you suspect someone is – don’t let them drink and drive.  You are young you have the rest of your adult life to engage in high-risk activities if that is what you choose.

Make your prom night special and keep your memories good ones. Don’t be stupid and do anything you regret the next morning or the rest of your life on prom night.