Limo Prices and Rates

Limo prices are typically set by the hour unless it is a flat rate for an airport trip for example. Limo are not like any other transportation type like a taxi or a shuttle – meaning miles and number of passengers do not matter. There are hidden fees and surcharges. Make sure you ask if your quote is all inclusive.

When you rent a limo you check to make it is in within the below ranges.

  • Town Car – $55-$65hr
  • Mercedes Sedan – $75-$85hr
  • Standard SUV – $65-$85hr
  • 15 Pass Van – $65-$75hr
  • Stretch SUV – $135-$175hr
  • Hummer SUV – $135-$175hr
  • Limo Bus – $150-$300hr

Standard Billing Practices

  1. Weekday Vs. Weekend – Weekday is usually cheaper than than weekends.  Also, prom season, summer weddings, and busy seasonal events will increase prices.
  2. Gratuity – Please be sure to ask if gratuity is included in your quote.  Most limo services charge a 15% to 20% gratuity.  You can always give a great driver an additional tip!
  3. Minimums – 95% of limousine companies require a 3 hour minimum.  Even if you use it for one hour you will be charged for the minimum requirement (typically 3 hours).
  4. Tolls – Any charge incurred during a trip is usually added to the bill. One charge most clients are unaware of is the airport tax. If your trip begins at the airport, expect the limo price to include this additional charge.
  5. Tax and Surcharge – Ask about fuel surcharge, airport tax, sales tax, etc.