Limo drivers & cell phone distraction

There is a fine line between being a friendly limo driver and giving great customer service and being a distracted limousine driver.  Along with being friendly, it seems like limo drivers are on their cell phones an awful lot as well.

Top Distractions:

• Chatting with passengers: How many times have you been chatting up the limo driver. Everyone is in a great mood and you are chatty and fun.  You want to find out what the hottest places to eat or party.  But, you could be causing a major distraction for your limo driver especially if it is a town car without a privacy window.  Also, try to keep it down. If you are out of control you could be causing your driver to lose focus.

• Using cell phones while driving: Limo drivers spend hours and hours in the car.  They need cell phones for business as well as a way for friends and family to get in touch with them. Make sure that your limo driver has hands-free. If they seem to be driving poorly or you feel like you are in danger.  Ask them to pull over.

• Navigation: You may need to ask your limo driver to plug in the address of where you want to go before he starts driving.  We have all tried to engage our navigation systems while driving. Limo drivers are no different than we are, using GPS and maps are part of driving.

How to Increase Your Limo Company’s Revenue

It’s awesome having your own company; it’s the American Dream! The internet and all social channels makes it more affordable than ever before to spread the buzz about your company. Social media accounts are free to set up, you can post anything you want to support your product and you can also run many ads that are affordable through their paid ads as well.

This is the best way to get your marketing campaign up and running. Usually time is your best friend with ranking your website and knowing super ninja marketing techniques that aren’t freely spoken about on the internet.

The biggest challenge for small business owners these days is not the cost of it all but how to get the attention of your potential customers with so much going on in the internet. You really need to either become a master marketer yourself or hire an expert.

Become an expert or simply hire us!

The internet is completely content driven which means you have to update your blog with fresh and unique content about your product or services. And of course, tweeting, Facebook posting, and all else will help you become credible in your niche. You need to surpass your competition on content. So how do you do this? Well, let Shout Marketing help you.

One niche we have helped our clients is the limo industry. Not only are these business owners so busy coordinating their appointments, they often may have to drive a limousine, towncar or even a pink hummer suv limo if one of their chauffeurs calls in sick. So they don’t have time to build our their social channels to get organic search results and customers from that. We go in and determine the best strategy, build their social channels and websites with completely unique content and then on top of that we add our special phone service on it as well that instantly captures leads.

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Hosting a Fun Bridal Party

Bridal showers are just one of the several conventional pre-wedding celebrations that are enjoyable. The purpose of a wedding shower is for the bride to get along with her loved ones to consume, play games, as well as essentially just appreciate herself before her special day. It is also a fun time to bathe the new bride with gifts and good desires. This is usually where the bride-to-be gets things like sleepwear, linens, and devices to accompany her into her marital relationship.

bridal-shower-timing-630Preparing a wedding shower could be enjoyable and pleasurable also. However you have to be organized and prepare it well beforehand to prevent any type of problems. Creating a shower list will assist you on your means to arranging a wonderful party.

Very first thing you have to consider is, who should hold the shower? Generally it’s the maid of honor that holds the event, yet it could be anybody, as long as it’s well planned and approved by the new bride.  You could even take a limo to a restaurant or other party type place for the shower.

When to have your celebration? Normally it’s 4-6 weeks before the wedding event, as a result of the busy routine of the bride. It can happen at any time of the day, whether brunch, lunch, a mid-day celebration, or even supper.

Now, who should you invite? A comfortable shower normally includes 10-20 individuals. You don’t intend to have a lot of individuals, merely people you know truly well. Personalized shower invites are wonderful to give out, but they do not need to be costly.

An additional thing to think about is your theme. It’s great to think about a theme that represents the bride-to-be way of life or individuality. The theme could then be incorporated in the designs, food, prefers, and also invites.

Games are an excellent means to have communication where everybody could get to know each other. So pick online games that can motivate everybody to participate. Favors are a fantastic way to reveal your gratitude to your visitors. Again, it doesn’t have to be costly. A great, tiny present will do the trick.

Bridal showers are supposed to be fun and a well planned shower event is truly worth it! This is an opportunity for the bride to be appreciated as well as have a good time prior to her wedding.

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Should You Hire a Wedding Planner?

Are you in love with the dream of the perfect wedding event yet overwhelmed with all the details and responsibility for you to prepare your dream day yourself? A trustworthy wedding planner could help make the day you’ll constantly remember a remarkable experience as opposed to a memory worthwhile of an anxious breakdown.

Additionally called wedding professionals or coordinators, wedding planners are the bride’s right-hand man down to every detail in the event and event. She can be there the minute after the ring is on the finger to the last guest at the event. The new bride has the selection to provide as much or as little responsibility to the coordinator as she wishes.

Yet exactly how do you understand if you should hire a wedding coordinator? Right here are a couple of examples where a wedding planner can aid:

weddinglist21. The very first as well as most likely crucial intention of a wedding  organizer is to eliminate as much tension for the new bride as feasible while still making her feel in control of the occasion.

2. If you are intending on a spending plan, your wedding planner will certainly be delicate and be capable to stabilize the expenditures. A great coordinator will prioritize what requires essentially monetary interest. Also, you will more probable go over your budget if you plan alone. Your wedding organizer will not just make you adhere to your cut-and-dried budget, however additionally knows many suppliers and could discover unique bargains you would otherwise not be able to acquire.

3. A wedding organizer will be versatile sufficient to suit your desires for your perfect wedding, they must have the imagination to both encourage and perform your one-of-a-kind concepts. This is your wedding event. You know what will certainly make it unforgettable, and your coordinator ought to help make this dream come true. However, these specialists understand what is as well as is not acceptable for a wedding. A great wedding event organizer will be straightforward about your not so excellent concepts such as the best man’s draft beer channeling contest.  She will make sure you have the best limousine for the number of people that will be using it as well.

4. If the ceremony is planned out of state, a coordinator in that location will recognize the geography and will understand the very best vendors for that location.

5. Among one of the most important top qualities of your perfect wedding organizer is a shared taste. Ask her just what sort of wedding celebrations she likes as well as ask to see examples of her previous occasions. The right planner could narrow down choices in a specific category depending on your preference. Rather than countless invitations, a wedding coordinator will remove the unsuitable ones and let you choose from the leading 3.

6. Ultimately, wedding coordinators recognize all the inquiries everyone else neglects to ask. If the ceremony is outdoors, she will remember where the washrooms are or if portable ones have to be rented. It is the wedding planner’s work to leave no edge untouched.

There are numerous on the internet resources you could make use of to look for the closest coordinators in your location. Remember to talk to each candidate to see if they are qualified and if you both see eye to eye. As soon as your perfect wedding organizer is employed, relax and understand your wedding remains in good hands.

Limos Definitely Make Events More Memorable

Hiring a limousine for a special event is one of the best ways to make your event more memorable and more exciting! When you hire a limo, you are able to maximize the time you spend with whoever you are enjoying the event with. You can actually sit back, relax and really soak in the experience.  You can get red carpet service, luxurious attention, complimentary champagne, and a chauffeurs dressed in a suit or tux. Adding style and class to your event is all part of the experience.

Special events definitely deserve a special car. Many people hire a stretch limo for a loved one’s birthday, an anniversary or a special night out on the town. Others choose an SUV or a party bus so they can have a large group and can dance and party inside. And then there are the luxury sedans for those who want to really experience a night out with a significant other while being chauffeured in a Bentley or Rolls Royce.

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5 Things Limo Companies Don’t Want You Ask

When hiring a limo it may seem simple, but it isn’t.  You need to ask a lot of questions to find a company that is reliable and honest so you don’t get ripped off.

1. Ask for it in writing –  Always ask for a contract. Make sure it describes the limo you chose – make, model, year, color. You can also ask them to send pictures.  It should include the rate quoted, and any fuel charges, airport tax, local tax, sales tax parking, tolls, gratuity, etc.  Lastly, it should include deposits, cancellation fees and what happens if the limo driver is late or breaks down.

2. Ask for discounts.  – Ask about prom specials, night on the town, or city tour specials.  Often limo companies have weekday discounts – multiple car discounts, etc. They won’t offer any if you don’t ask.

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What Happens On Prom Night ….

Lots of things happen on prom night – from getting ready until the after party. Don’t set your expectations too high – you will not want to be disappointed.  But knowing what happens on prom night will help settle those your butterflies in your belly.

You will want to hire a limo about a month in advance.  You will need to shop for your dress or your tuxedo.  Make sure you have an appointment to get your hair, nails and make up done.  Getting ready with your friends (girl or guy) makes it so much more fun! Prom night is a formal occasion and most people will be dressed up for the entire evening.

Girls don’t leave your date waiting.  Be sure you are ready when he comes to pick you up.  Guys – please make sure you have the transportation of her dreams waiting for her as you knock on her door.  A stretch will make an impression for years to come!

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Limo Prices and Rates

Limo prices are typically set by the hour unless it is a flat rate for an airport trip for example. Limo are not like any other transportation type like a taxi or a shuttle – meaning miles and number of passengers do not matter. There are hidden fees and surcharges. Make sure you ask if your quote is all inclusive.

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How To Find The Best Limo Service

You need a limo for a special occasion. There are so many limousine companies and types of cars. Where do you turn?! Selecting the right limousine service can be overwhelming and confusing.  But have no fear – we are here to help you find the right service and the right vehicle by asking just a few questions.

1. Is the limousine service licensed and part of any association?

A license is issued by the state and every limo service should have a license number to legally operate. Always check with the Better Business bureau and any associations like the National Limo Association.

2. How many years have they been in business?

You want your experience to be perfect.  So, make sure that the company you hire has experience. The longer they have been around and the more experienced the staff – the more likely they are going to be on top of all of the details.  Make sure the limo company has “been around the block”.

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A quick welcome shout out to you from Shout Marketing.

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Our clients vary from all business niches from limo companies to health care industry to insurance agencies.  We work with local and national businesses and absolutely are committed to our client success.

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